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"Dub'l Trub'l": New Patented Rat and Mouse Bait Station

Rat and mouse control is essential to many homeowners and business owners accross america. Effective control is challenging and often confusing as there are so many different rat and mouse bait stations and products on the market available to consumers.

This is precisely why we have developed and patented "Dub'l Trub'l", a rat and mouse bait station that presents a top notch solution.

"Dub'l Trub'l" is the only bait station available with both dry and liquid bait that appeals to rats and mice, regardless of their preference. Inside are two hoppers that provide a continous supply of food/poison.

The compact design of this bait station (approx. 11"x9"x6") makes it easy to conceal in foliage on a property. "Dub'l Trub'l" can also lay flat against a wall or fence, and can be securely attached for the safety children and pets.

An additional safety feature is a tamper resistant locking mechanism that requires a special tool to open.

After this rat and mouse bait station is installed, we offer monthly maintenance to assure that your "Dub'l Trub'l" is equipped to perform optimally.

To order, call Innovative Pest Management today toll free at 800.608.1999, or for questions about our unique product or to find out more about how the "Dub'l Trub'l" rat and mouse bait station can help with your rat and mouse problem. You may also email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill our our quick contact form here.

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